Top best Instant Messenger Apps for Android.

Most mobile companies use android as the operating system for their mobile phones and other handheld devices and it’s quite obvious that the major population of the world use mobile devices that work on the android operating platform. And any mobile application; be it an app for an e-commerce website or a dating app; without an android version of the app, the developer has no option of making the app available to a greater customer circle or even making money out it. And with several android developers on the quest to create android based mobile applications, the odds of having an instant app existing already for any significance is always high.
And in addition to coming as a relief to the long wait to get a reply; instant messaging apps also came with the feature to allow its users share images and videos. And with messaging a friend privately; the users were also able to create groups and text several friends at the same time. Instant messaging soon seized the attention of the users and the demand for the same led several developers to work on creating new android messaging apps for every user. With several messaging apps flooding the market, it might be quite a confusion to choose the correct one that would suit your requirement.

Here are some of the best android messaging apps available in the market that an android user can download and start messaging their contacts instantly.


The best instant messaging app that created the craze for instant messaging and paved way to the app stores being flooded with messaging apps. The app providing instant messaging service and with features to share images and videos comes as android messaging apps and iOS messaging apps. And quite recently, the app has released a web version as well. Not just texting their friends privately, users can now create groups and text a group of their friends at the same time as well. With significant features to know whether your friend is online on the application or not, the time they were online at the app recently and to check whether your messages were delivered to them or not; the android messaging app now comes with a feature to allow user to make free voice calls to their contacts as well.

Google Messenger

Tired of having to be signed into your email account to follow up on a conversation with your friends or colleagues? Google messenger compatible with the lollipop upgrade comes as the relief to all android users. In addition to the text message and emoticons feature in hangouts, the app allows features to send images and record and send voice messages as well. Suits great in our list of the best android messaging apps.

Feel the fever of instant messaging apps soaring high!

Messaging has become more than an addiction today and there is no antidote available, once you fall into its trap! All you will keep doing throughout the day would be just texting and more texting. Every time and everywhere, your fingers would be in action to type the message, which you desire to send to the other person. This is the fever that has got viral due to the instant messaging apps that have come in the market. You would find every individual busy in chatting all the time; be it a student, a working individual.


One cannot compare the fun of having a chatting session with the help of some instant messaging apps, to the calls that we make. You can do so many other works while exchanging texts, which you definitely can’t carry out while talking to somebody over a call. You can leave the chat for a while and complete any of your pending work till the reply arrives from the other end. But, while you are on a call you can’t do the same; you just can’t leave the conversation in between to do some other work. You have to be present on the call till the time a person is talking to you and make your presence felt to him/her.

Instant messaging apps also save a lot of money of an individual in this expensive world. No recharge is required for it and not even any charge is been levied on sending messages. The only thing that you require is a smart gadget and an internet connection that could connect you with your friends and family members. Share as many texts, picture, videos, audios etc. as you want to, because sending and receiving of these things don’t have any limit! You are set free at your own will from all the foundations!

Chat throughout the day or night and just be connected with the people that are an important part of your world through instant messaging apps. Break the wall of physical distance, when you can talk to a person overseas without paying anything at all. These apps have made it easier for a person to interact and form new bonds with each other irrespective of the geographical location of a person


Why investing in real estate is good

The best business venture that you are guaranteed to get good returns when you invest your money is in the real estate. Even though you will spend in getting the land or lease to develop the property, especially commercial property, you are sure that once you complete the project, you will recoup the cash you used to buy the land and build it. After that, the remaining will be profits, which you will enjoy for years to come. Any real estate business is lucrative; all you need to know is where and how you can turn it into a thriving business.

Constant flow of income- One benefit you are guaranteed in real estate is there is a steady flow of cash throughout because rental income will be coming in. Although at times there may be vacant room, mostly it will be occupied hence the money will always be flowing every month. However, as a beginner, you need to trend carefully and be cautious when you are investing. This is when you are venturing into the residential market. Sometimes you may be tempted by the fact that people are taking mortgages to buy homes, but the actual returns fail you as someone that wants to make profits. Therefore, you ought to seek advice from a property investment specialist so that you know how to get prepared for every When there is depreciation in real estate investment, you can use it to your advantage for tax benefits. The overall financial burden you had will be taken care of once you start receiving the income. Remember that you spent your savings in purchasing and developing the land. Hence, there should a way which you can recoup the cash. This is usually determined by considering the value of structure built and the duration you will take to recover the money. The land will always appreciate in value while the structure will not. In fact it will start to depreciate because it is aging.

A drawback you will get when you invest in real estate is on the side of expenses. The cost you will incur is setting up the utilities, purchasing land and construction will dry your pockets faster that you think. Besides this, you will spend a lot to maintain the property to levels that are acceptable to any tenant so that you can continue enjoying the flow of income every month. Therefore, you should plan carefully on maintenance for you to get the best returns. These are expenses you will have to factor in every year. The advantage of this is that you will never lack tenants because your property is in bad state.

The property appreciation factor makes any person want to invest in real estate. In fact, it gives you an opportunity boost your overall net worth. One benefit you enjoy when you invest in real estate is that the properties value will always go up. As the increase in demand for housing and business premises, you know that your property will fetch you a fortune as years goes by, and therefore increase your returns. The advantages of investing in real estate are many. To enjoy them,  you need to research and plan properly.



3 Key Ways To Finding A Local Plumber

Home owners do not regard Las Vegas plumber emergencies as important things to consider until it happens and at the worst time.  One thing you should know however is the fact that not all plumbing situations can be classified as emergencies nor do they require 24 hour service.  Therefore it is important to be very careful when calling for emergency to avoid unnecessary costs that you might incur just by making that mistake.

The following are situations and signs to look for that might qualify to be classified as emergency that needs a 24 hour plumbing call.

  • Burst pipes
  • Greasy or drain smell
  • Hot water pressure failure
  • Burst hot water system
  • Overflow of water from the bathroom
  • Toilets backing up or not flushing
  • Blocked shower drains
  • Water stains on the wall
  • Faucets that keeping running or won’t stop

However, before you call the 24hour plumbing services, try on your own to minimize the situation by doing the following things.

Do something first – After waking up in the middle of the night to find water running in your bathroom, do a few fist aid steps to minimize the situation, like turning off the water from the faucet and if this does not help or stop the water, try turning it off from the main water supply.

Overflowing toilets can wait – The overflow of the toilets can always wait as long as you do not flush. Any situation can wait, however if you want to avoid paying more by not calling for this service especially during Sundays and public holidays, then wait until morning by trying to contain the situation if possible.

Assess your plumbing company – Check on the possibility of your 24hour repair service sending that help on call especially if the problem involves service line breakage, main line break or a sewer blockage, enquire on what they can cover what are repairs that they can make if any.

If the problem persists and cannot wait – Closely identify the problem and take note of what might work or not.  Make a list of questions for immediate decision of whether you really need to hire the plumber of not. Get at least three of the 24hour service provider companies to choose from, asses each one them and hire the best with the price range that is comfortable for you.

W hen giving the details to the service provider, give specific and very accurate ones so that the plumber can give you the best cost estimate.

Whether emergency or not, you can get the best 24hour service provider who can be on call whenever you need then.

Use a San Francisco plumbing company for your leaky pipes

Nobody ever wants to experience a plumbing problem. Unfortunately, it does happen in one time or another.  A plumbing problem can be messy with burst pipes overflowing sink, blockages etc.  When such problems occur, most people tend to use some chemicals with promises to unblock the pipes, clean or remove the debris clogged inside yes, it’s ok to use them but if a severe problem arises, it is then that you need to seek the assistance of a professional plumber.

The following are qualities to look for when seeking the best plumber for your pipes.

Are their plumbers trained?

Look for a plumbing company that has trained plumbers to fix your pipes with less or very minimal messes.   It is not an easy task to even touch the pipes under the sink on your own without the assistance of a professional plumber.  In case you try you, might find yourself in the middle of a major and complicated mess.

Are the plumbers equipped with Piping Knowledge

Fixing of pipes is a bit complicated especially if you think of doing it alone.  Once the pipes disappear into the wall you wouldn’t know which one goes where even if you try to refer from a diagram.  Without the knowledge of pipes, it surely can’t help.  In this case you are required to seek the services of a professional plumbing provider who will come, identify the problem and eventually fix it for you.  This will prevent any longer term damage from occurring in a near future.

Have a plumber in case of emergency

It can save you a lot of money to just have a San Francisco plumber at hand in case of an emergency. Instead of having to wait for the normal business hours for a plumber to come and do a fixture, it might be easier to call your own and have the job done at any time.  When you need a skilled and expert plumber

There might come a time when you need the skills of an expert contractor.  Your won plumber might come in handy.  This can save you from the mercy of a dishonest professional. It is advisable to take time and look for the right plumber for use when such a need arises.  This also might prevent a possible shady person from taking advantage of you.

Another situation requiring an emergency plumber is when a situation comes and you need to buy a house whose pipes and fixtures need to be checked by a professional plumber.  In this case you might call the assistance of your emergency plumber.

Never attempt to fix your pipes problem alone. You might end up creating a worse problem without knowing.  The problem might be a clogged toilet, blocked sink or bathroom just to mention a few.  If you find yourself facing these kinds of problems, always seek for the assistance of a professional plumber.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional iPhone Game Creator

IPhone Game Creator has turned iPhone to revolutionary Smartphone that has changed perception of the people about mobile phones. It is not only a portable personal computer but it also has a large smooth screen with 3D graphics and superb sound quality that makes playing games to be much more fun. The applications make it to be more functional.

Each version of the ios game development has made huge profits. It also has much ability for supporting feature-rich apps thereby making it highly popular. The dedicated iPhone app and game store, iTunes witnesses launch of new game or app daily. Suave businessmen are aware of iPhone game profit making capabilities and since it is not all who can develop apps and games, they outsource the project to professional developers. By investing in an iPhone games and apps developer for business purpose, you gain the following benefits:

Quality service

It requires precision to develop an iPhone game that competes with many others that are created daily.  It requires someone who is adept in the art of developing games for a long time. Rather than struggle with any iPhone Game Creator, outsourcing provides you an opportunity to get services of an experienced professional who is passionate about creating games.  If you choose wisely, outsourcing assures you about creating quality games.

Cost effective

Hiring professional game developer is cost effective. There are numerous outsourcing companies that have a team of skilled developers.  Some of them will charge lower cost therefore it possible to get a professional who will develop a quality game within your budget.

Shorter development time

Outsourcing companies have skilled professionals who can complete development of quality games on time. They can even provide a practical estimation of the time by which a game will be ready for deployment.

Variety of services

Outsourcing companies can create a variety of iPhone games. They have dedicated developers for development of various games. They are experts in developing iPhone games for all age groups. They also deal with development of apps for purposes like business, entertainment or health therefore you can hire them to do more than develop iPhone games.

Higher efficiency

If you perform iPhone game on your own, it is   likely that your attention can be diverted from main goals. This is why it is important to outsource game development business because the professionals can devote their time to making a quality game while you concentrate on the business aspect. These professionals have vast knowledge in performance of iPhone games thus they can even advice you about how your game is likely to be received by target audience.

You can   enjoy the above benefits by researching for the right company to meet your needs and business requirements.