Boston’s Best Cruises Partners with Whale Sense for 2013 Season

When we say Boston’s Best Cruises is more than just a boat ride, we mean it. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to making our Whale Watches unforgettable for our passengers while making sure they are safe and sustainable for the whales. That’s why the partnership with Whale Sense for the 2013 season is a tremendous honor for Boston’s Best Cruises. Boston’s Best Cruises is a perfect example of an organization dedicated to responsible Boston Whale Watching and respecting the whales’ natural habitat, while bringing passengers an enjoyable and educational experience.

This program, which was initiated by NOAA Fisheries’  Northeast Region, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation in 2009 recognizes companies committed to responsible whale watching practices.

Whale University, a Boston’s Best Cruises whale education program, visits local Boston schools and teaches kids all about whales. Presentations by Whale Sense experts and hands-on programming opportunities, including the chance to walk inside a life-size inflatable whale, ensure that kids become stewards of the ocean and realize the importance of responsible Boston Whale Watching.

With this important partnership, Boston’s Best Cruises will continue to promote sustainable whale watching practices and ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the giants of the sea in their natural habitat.

Read the full NOAA Press Release here

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Whale University –
The First of Its Kind In New England

The Land and Sea Learning Center founded by Boston’s Best Cruises, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Whale Sense

Boston’s Best Cruises, the Boston-based water transportation company, is taking their love of whales to a whole new level with the launch of “Whale University”. The company’s Voyager III is the floating campus where all the excitement will happen. Boston’s Best Cruises, with partners the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Whale Sense, is dedicated to educating the public about these fascinating and intelligent large aquatic mammals. WDC is the worldwide organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. Whale Sense is a program that recognizes companies committed to responsible whale watching practices and ocean stewardship, and is offered by NOAA Fisheries Service, NOAA Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Learning At Sea

Boston’s Best Cruise’s Voyager III , the 113′ catamaran designed specifically for whale watching, will become a mobile classroom with multi-sensory learning stations, including on-board multimedia displays showing whales in their natural habitat; life size info graphics of whales and dolphins on her port and starboard sides; marine educators who will teach about whale behavior, social habits and migration; and the newest addition – a hydrophone that will allow passengers listen to the whales communicate when marine conditions allow.

Learning on Land

“Whale University” will also travel to the traditional classrooms. The traveling University is visiting local schools to teach students many of the same things they would learn while on a whale watch. Mike McGurl, principal at Boston’s Best Cruises, was confident from the start about Whale University. “We knew Whale University was going to be a success, both in the floating and traditional classroom, with the scope of knowledge and resources that Boston’s Best Cruises, WDC and Whale Sense have to offer. We are all acutely aware that many schools don’t have the budget for a whale watch field trip, so we took the whale watch to them. We’ll be visiting many local schools in the next couple of months.”

The floating campus comes complete with a dining hall and store, aka the galley, which is stocked with snacks, sundries, and t-shirts. “This is such an interactive experience.” said McGurl. “We have many other surprises we are working on to further enhance the trip, especially for those wanting to know more about not only the whales, but the many facets of a marine sight-seeing operation. For some, Whale University is one of the most unforgettable experiences of their life.”

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